Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Making BLING

Every girl needs a little BLING BLING! I go weak in the knees for a gorgeous necklace. I have heart palpitations for an 'oh so sassy' bracelet or a scrumptious pair of earrings. So, I decided to try my hand at making some jewelry.

I got decor gems at Joann's and used my 40% coupon. They need to be clear with a flat back. I got some large and small ones to test out.

I bought these adjustable rings from THIS etsy shop...(The Perfect Bead)

Get this AMAZING glue. I got mine at Joann's and used my 40% coupon.

Get an assortment of scrapbook paper. Those tiny scraps you hung onto thinking "I could use this for something." Works perfect for this!

I just used Mod Podge to glue the paper onto the flat part of the gem.

Press firmly onto the paper. Once it's dry cut it out.

Then covered back of the paper with Mod Podge. Let stand until completely dry.

To glue the back of the rings on, use the E 600 glue and apply it on the ring first.

Press onto the back of the gem.

Let it dry over night.

Here are a few of what I have done so far.

Something I have learned, I don't really like the large rings. I prefer the smaller ones. I am going to turn the large stones into pendents for necklaces. You can buy the necklace things at THIS etsy shop (Studio 66).

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