Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Stockings were Hung....

"The stockings were hung..." FINALLY! I could not decide where or how I wanted to hang our stockings. I finally decided I wanted to use THESE silhouettes from the Graphic Fairy. So, I went to Target and found these photo stocking hangers. It was love at first sight, but my sight wasn't very good because I didn't find them until right before I left. I was bummed when I didn't find the photo stocking hangers and decided on a whim to look at candles. When what to my wondering awe did appear, but 4 photo stocking hangers in silver.

I quickly rushed them home to polish and display my Christmas cheer. I have been a very good girl this year. So, dear Santa please fill my families stockings with..... what ever they have asked you for.

Let's hope that my little girly doesn't pull those off. I think that might be a tall order. I am thinking those stockings are a hazard. DRAT! I will have to think of something.

Side note: I did think of a cheaper way to do these. Target has these silver plastic hooks that you can put the sticky back on. (three for $1 something and I wanted 2 packs because one is larger than the other 2.) Then they have silver frames for $2. Just stick the hook on edge of the counter. Then place the frame right on the edge so they look connected. Hang your stockings on the hook! Wallah, 4 stocking hangers that only cost about $12.

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