Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wedding Bells

Well, here it is my friends, the long awaited wedding photos.

I took a photo of my outfit I made. I added some orange and gold jewelry and a red cardigan. I was going to make and wear a different necklace, but there was not time for that! (That will have to be another post)

Gorgeous!?! Yes I know.

Come....let me take you on a tour of the reception! When you walk to the door, hurricanes lined the walk way to set the romantic mood.
Here is a close up of the hurricanes. Sand in the bottom with a candle. Then fresh oranges and a few silk leaves surround the base.
You walk to an open door that has the bride and groom's initials hanging from wreath hooks.
When you walk into the room, to the left is the gift table (I didn't get a pic because it was just a table with a table cloth and presents stacked on it)
To the right there was a table draped with rich fabrics in cream and a burgundy. There is a TV playing a wedding video, a sign that says, " the (Couples Last Name) established 2009" with a center piece and a guest book. My little man wanted to be in the shot;)

A close up of the guest book shows a wonderful surprise. Each page has a different photo of the couple. This was my favorite picture because they are totally being themselves in this photo!

In that same room, the ring bearer (my little man) and the groom show their manly side!

I had hubby take a shot of the reception room! It looked so elegant. Please ignore the crazy person in the photo. She is not very photogenic.
A small entry way with shrubbery leads into this....a romantic oasis.

There was rich burgundy silks draped from the floors and across the ceiling, with strands of lights that created a soft glow.

The room ripples with the melodious sounds coming from a corner. There with a black folding screen sits a girl playing the harp.

To the immediate left of the harpist is the refreshment table. Set with fresh fruit, cranberries on a vine, and candles.

Look at these amazing deserts on a stick.

A small glass container holds fresh flowers and suckers.... all in the wedding colors.

There are 3 of these center pieces. Fresh flowers and greenery in a glass vase with fresh oranges and cranberries in the bottom. Details people, details!

At the end of the refreshment table is the drinking fountain. It has a burgundy light. Just water with a hint of lemon is served. With all the rich desserts, I think this was a wise choice;)

The table scapes were divine: fresh flowers, silk rose petals, candles, and a photo of the couple.

Close up of the center pieces. They put fresh oranges and cranberries with some water.

This concludes the wedding tour with Brenbren! Have a glorious day!

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Pamela and Austin Matthews (and Family) said...

That is seriously one of the prettiest receptions I've seen! Also, I wondered yesterday if that was the skirt you made ; ) Very cute!

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