Friday, January 22, 2010

Late Night Building

Monday night, my hubby and I put together some kitchen chairs. Once, a few months ago, my sister sat down on the left chair and fell onto the tile floor. The legs broke right off. The next day, I sat on the right chair and slid my tail bone right onto the leg. Luckily for me, the 3 legs stayed on and my tail bone caught all my body weight on the 1 leg that broke (so lucky). I couldn't sit for about a week.

At Christmas time a lot of companies were doing free shipping. I found a seller on Amazon who sold these beauties to me for $25 each! So I bought 4. YEAH! The only downer was the directions were horrible and we put the legs on backwards. The chairs were leaning forward. We sat for a little bit and wondered what was wrong, then I figured it out. We had to take the legs off and turn them around. It was a pain in the ........ Well, it was not good.

I finally hung up these candle things I got at a garage sale. It took me FOREVER to get around to it. I know most of you follow my blog because of my photography skills:) but I must say, I had a hard time getting the flash not to reflect off the picture.

I needed a place for the kids to hang up their dress up cloths. I found these hooks at Hobby Lobby.

So far we have 3: Fireman, Cowboy, and Police officer (that is a vest and doesn't hang up). I have a surprise coming of a 80% off tree skirt I turned into a dress up outfit for my little man.

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