Saturday, January 2, 2010

Live Laugh Love

As part of my quest to go green, I reused an outdated decoration to create 2 new decorations.

The branches were used HERE. My mom has a banner with 3 hearts painted in maroon and blue with the words, "Families are Forever" on it. It too is outdated. So I created this with her in mind.

I painted the hearts white. I used Zapfino font and printed the words "Live, Laugh, Love". Then I traced it onto freezer paper and cut out the letters. (freezer paper is my new found love). I lightly ironed the freezer paper onto the hearts (shiny side down) then painted the whole thing black. I let it dry a little bit then used tweezers to take the freezer paper off. It looked like this when I was done.

I decided it needed a little extra something, so I distressed it and sprayed a clear acrylic spray on it.

I attached white ribbon to the hearts. I used hot glue, but then realized it might need some reinforcement because the hearts will be hanging from the ribbons. So I used quilting tacks.

I hung it from some hooks, like so. (I haven't gotten the real hooks and board that I will be giving to my mom, but I wanted you to see what I was going for).

What do you think? I need some opinions. I can't decide how I feel about this. Do you think my mom will like it? I would really appreciate any and all comments telling me what you think and if you have any ideas of how to make it better.

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jeremy and steph said...

Brenda, I love it! And I have a shelf/hooks type thing I got at a garage sale in Oct. and I was just wondering what I could do with it...I think I will try something similar with words for MK's room. Thanks for the great idea! I think your mom will love it!

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