Friday, January 29, 2010

Small Break

Well, I am taking a small break from blogging for 2 reasons.

#1: I need it for some mental sanity. I need to take care of myself for a bit. My emotions are a little out of control right now.
#2: To get ready for my Etsy shop opening.

So, I will come back here around February 8th, but until then, keep me in your prayers as I try to take care of myself. See, my kids deserve a happy and healthy mommy;)


Shane and Kim said...

It's about time. You make some pretty cool stuff.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

And you deserve to be happy and healthy! I am glad you are taking some time....we will be right here when you get back.

If there is anything we can do, please shoot us off an email!

winterpeachblog said...

Good for you. I decided to go for the Etsy shop also. Good luck to you!

Michaelangelo said...

You can do it Brenda! Call me if you want someone to talk to! Hugs, Butter

Megan and Devin said...

Hey! I'm sure I'm too late, but email me your address....I might still be able to come to the make-and-mingle tomorrow!

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