Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Lately I have seen a lot of people running down the road with HORRIBLE posture. I guess it's because I was in track and the coaches SCREAMED at you to have perfect posture.
So, I am going to tell you a few things to do to have better posture while you run. Good posture means less injuries, your body will work more efficient, and quicker times.

This picture is gorgeous. Look at them. So here is the deal. Look at their backs. STRAIGHT! Shoulders are back and relaxed, but their back is straight. Abs are tight and supporting them. Their legs are right behind them and don't flare off to the sides (this is a big mistake that can lead to knee/ ankle injury. They are elongating their stride. Kicking their butts which makes their stride longer. Their arms are tucked in which is more efficient. They have a slight lean forward (not too much because that is bad posture, but your body naturally does this if you are in perfect form).
So, sorry for the detour, but I know so many people who run and I just want them to remember good posture means less injury and better performance.

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