Monday, March 15, 2010

Decorating my Bedroom #1

I am in the process of softening the look in my bedroom. My husband lived in Japan for 2 years and he has some really great pieces I want to display in our room. BUT I also want to create a more zen feel in our room. I decided to go blue because my favorite piece he has it blue and white:)

I found this great comforter at Target. I picked up some blue sheets at Ross to make the blue pop!

P.S. Do any of you have any EASY ideas of how to get the wrinkles out of my new comforter!?! Leave me a comment.

Next up, I am going to make some of these pillows from All Things Thrifty....You can find the tutorials  HERE, HERE, and HERE

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Ticklish Moose said...

Your pillows are lovely! To get the wrinkles out of the comforter, just give it a light mist with water from a spray bottle, and hang it out in the sun for a little bit, or if you have room, throw it in the dryer w/ a damp (but clean) towel. Good for getting wrinkles out of anything in a pinch! :)

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