Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Shower Bash

Guess what!!!!?!?!?!?????!?!!!!!! I am pregnant!!!!! I am 12 weeks along and due October 24th. I have had no morning sickness, just a HUGE appetite. Which leads me to believe it's a boy;)

Now, these past couple of days I have been getting ready for a baby shower I am throwing for my friend. Here is a glimpse into what I have done:)

For decorations, I tried to do things that the mom could take home and use in the nursery.
I made this from an old lamp shade. I cut off the bottom and strung the beads with fishing line. I added ribbon and tulle for a little extra sweetness. Total cost $2. Here's the break down: LAMP SHADE free, BEADS 90% off after Christmas sale at Michaels I don't remember the exact cost, TULLE 23 cents a yard at Sas Fabric, RIBBON 50 cents at Wal-mart after Christmas sale.

 I used more of that 50 cent ribbon to create this. I hung it on my front door with the baby-to-be's initials. I need to refinish my door!?! Please ignore that;)

 I made this frame hanger using THIS tutorial from How Does She.

When you first walked in I had this table set up with a sign that said, "Welcome! Thank you for coming. Pick a onesie off the line and create a design.

I set up my metal drying rack and hung the onesies from it. They are organized according to size to insure no duplicates.

I set up all the supplies they could possibly need. There was paint brushes, fabric paint, fabric, wonder bond, scissors, stencils, cardboard to stick between layers of onesie so there would be no bleeding through to the other side, and loads of ideas/inspiration for them. I just slapped this coloring book and a few pictures I had printed off my computer on the table too.

To set the mood, I placed these little colorful lanters around the top of my window.

Presents were placed on my son's train table. And I forgot to take a picture....sorry:(

Now the good part, the refreshments. I didn't want anything fancy or time consuming. Nor did I want any junk food that I would be left with so I stayed away from candy.

I made lemon frosty punch (my made up recipe).

Just some lemon water

There was also a raspberry trifle.

 Nothing fancy for plates, napkins, and silver wear. I used all disposable for easy clean up:) Cute little bucket for a little flash.

Here is the super amazing onesies! I will sew around the edges later.

I did the basket ball, moon, and Saturn. For the basket ball I just mixed some orange and brown together to make it look more like leather. The daddy plays basketball and LURVES the needed a basketball onesie for the future lil' dribbler:)

The preggy momma is a Canadian citizen so of COURSE she had to make the Canadian onesie!

On the bum she wrote:  In case you were wondering she doesn't say "eh" a lot.

Hubby watched the kiddos for me while I hosted the shower. Here is his reward.....

A double nose bleed from being kicked in the face. Poor babe. Recipes for the yummy food will come tomorrow!

Oh yeah, and APRIL FOOLS!!!! I am NOT pregnant although I look it. I am just fat;)


Pamela and Austin Matthews (and Family) said...

Ha ha, you crazy girl! I TOTALLY believed you! I was like, "Good grief, EVERYONE in our ward is pregnant!" Good trick! : ) And I love all of those onesies! What a great job at hosting a shower!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Those onesies are too cute!

Decomom said...

I love the onesie station - adorable! congrats on your pregnancy!

Kelli said...

I love the onesie station idea! I've bookmarked the link, and now I just need a friend to have a baby!

cellosara said...

That is such a cute idea...better than the "baby in the icecube" game and others like it. Way cute!

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