Friday, May 21, 2010

Hobby Lobby Frame

I found this frame in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby for $4.

It was the perfect thickness for this project:) I fell madly in love with this when I saw it at Desert Book.

I spray painted the edges dark brown.

Then I chose some scrapbook paper that looked almost identical to the one from Desert Book (I just happened to have some that looks a lot like that.)

I needed ribbon to match, but I didn't want to buy any. If you know me, I have WAY more ribbon than I need. So, I decided to just paint some white ribbon I had on hand.

I mixed up some paint to match the paper.

Using the end of a paint brush, I put green dots across the ribbon.

As you can see, I got better as I went along:)

Then I decided to go a completely different way:) I didn't even use the painted ribbon! Ha ha!
I just used some scrapbook paper I had and mod podged it onto the frame.
I found some little butterfly things at Sas Fabric that added a 3D element to the frame.

 In case you are wondering, I am NOT putting a photo of my son in it. I just don't have any pics of my daughter that are horizontal.

Here it is in all it's wondrous glory.  Do you like the brown butterfly where I put it below? I can't decide. Maybe take if off all together? What are your thoughts?


Pamela and Austin Matthews (and Family) said...

Such a cute project! And I like the butterflies just like they are!

Carolina said...

Agreed, the butterflies are perfect right where they are. : ) said...

I liked the fourth display, with the brown butterfly in the upper left corner. The other ones hide the brown ribbon. mom

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