Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Machine Washable Fabric Labels

Sense I opened my etsy store, I have been testing out fabric labels and I finally found some I liked.

I got a custom rubber stamp made at Staples for $12.99. It came smaller than the "actually size" link showed. I was disappointed, but I am in the process of getting that fixed. Anyways, I got some fabric markers at rubbed it onto the stamp.

Then I stamped it onto some ribbon.

 I also tried printing my own labels. I got this at Joann's in the Quilting section. I recommend you bring a coupon for this.

I just used Microsoft Word. I added a simple bored around the text and printed it out. It was that easy!

I followed the directions on the back to make it machine washable. Then I cut it out.

Now my labels are ready to be sew onto my items!

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Our Family said...

Cool! I was wondering how you get labels. I like them.

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