Monday, April 19, 2010

Transformer Birthday Bash

Here is the low down on my son's Transformer Birthday bash.

I just googled photos of Transformers and found one I liked. Using Adobe Photoshop I added all the information. I printed it off on a 4X6 at Costco. Here is an example of what it looked like.
*all information has been changed*

I went to Party City for supplies here is a break down of cost and what I got.
plates 8 for $2.3. I bought 2

napkins: 8 for $2.19

 party favors: I bought pencil sharpeners 12 for $2.99, pencils 8 for $2, tiny ruler with shapes 8 for 80 cents, coloring/activity book 8 for $3.92, bag to put it all in 8 for $2.99

table cloth $3.24. The total for everything was $22
I set that up on a table out side. (we forgot balloons, but that would have been really fun to attach a few balloons to the table).

 I got some transformer masks 12 for $2.99. These were a BIG hit.

We did a slip-n-slide, small kids pool, and STARTED (didn't finished it in time) to set up a trampoline. The kids had a lot of fun and it focused all their energy into something.

I placed an outdoor rug on the cement to prevent slipping and falling when they were running to the slide.

The boys eventually ended up underneath the trampoline with swords, guns, and masks. It was quite an adventure for them;)

Indoors we had a birthday sign. I won this one from a give away a while ago and I don't remember who it was from. If you are interested in getting one for your family, let me know and I will dig through my emails to find out where I got it.

Daddy drew this large birthday card and it was hanging from our ceiling.

I cut out his name for privacy, but it says "Happy Birthday (child's name)

SaWeet Transformer that daddy drew. This is Optimist Prime

 And last but not least, the birthday cake.

I took his name and Age off.

Back of cake


My friend from Jesica's Cakes  made this cake for my son. I told her we needed a transformer cake and she did the rest! It turned out AMAZING! It was a huge success and my son LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED the cake. Thanks Jesica.

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