Saturday, June 5, 2010


I got the pattern up for the sling. You can find it HERE!

Now, I want to introduce you to Missy from So You Think You're Crafty. Especially sense I am auditioning for it;) I asked her a few questions to get to know her a little better. Here is her response:

How did you choose the name of your business and or blog? Well, I toyed around with the names of a lot of reality TV show titles.  I wanted it to be something that people would immediately pick up the point of what the blog was. When I got to So You Think You're Crafty (and it was available!) I knew I had it.

What do you dream of for the future of your business and or blog?  I want it to be a place that people come to get a little crafty inspiration.  I've also just recently realized that I lost myself. What with being a wife and mother (which I LOVE, don't get me wrong, there's nothing I love more) I kind of put myself out of the way.  So don't be surprised if you hear a little bit more from me, maybe about things that have nothing to do with the contest but that I feel like I need to share to help me find me again. 

What inspires you? Everything!  Especially the amazingly talented people I meet through SYTYC.

What is your best and worst personality trait? Well, here's what I think they are. The best would probably be my optimism. I  notice the good in everything and am always happy.  My worst is probably my introvertedness (is that a word?).  I'm pretty shy and that gets in the way of me meeting people or asking the questions I would like to.
What is your dream vacation?  I want to go to really really bad.  I studied History and Literature (with an emphasis on the Medieval time period with both) and have always had a longing to go stand in buildings and places hundreds of years older than my country.  How cool would that be!?

What’s your most embarrassing moment?  I really can't think of one right now.  Seeing as how I'm more of an introvert, I don't usually put myself in situations that might become embarrassing, but I'm sure it's happened before.  I probably just blocked it out.

What is your favorite color? Green. I love it!  But I love color so I'll take any.

Who is your greatest influence and how have they affected you? My Mom.  She was a truly inspirational woman to me, and everyone around her.  She suffered with breast cancer for about 10 years before she passed away when I was 20.  During all those years I never once heard her complain.  Not once.  Even when the pain was so bad we couldn't touch her she still had a smile.  She continued to serve others in our community, to teach and care for her family and friends and share her inner strength with everyone right to the end.  She is the one that introduced me to a love of knowledge, and to art and daily encouraged my talents.  She was always reading something and our home was full of paintings and cross-stitches that she had created.  She was a shining example of everything that is right and good and I thank God everyday that I was blessed to be raised by her.

Chocolate or vanilla? either please.

How do you spend your free time?  I LOVE to read.  The first thing my husband asks when he sees me reading a new book is if it's in a series.  You see, I'm one of those people that completely forgets I have a child, a husband and household duties from the second I start a good book until I'm finished with it.  Brad hates feeling forgotten :)

What are some crafty things you can’t live without? My sewing machine and a good fabric store.  Before all our boxes were even unpacked from our recent move I have visited all the fabric stores around here.

How would you spend $5,000, with no strings attached?  I'd get a new couch and TV, then pay off my student loans.  I have to be somewhat responsible, right?  And plus that would free up more money for me to spend :)

If you could live your life again, knowing what you know at this very moment, what would you do differently?  Pay more attention and ask more questions!  I really would like know more about my grandparents when they were younger and how they felt about certain things.

What is the most inspiration book you have ever read and why? The Book of Mormon.  I don't want to get too "churchy,"  but that one book has answered more questions and brought me more peace than any other book...ever.

How do you juggle your real life and your blogging life? Honestly?  Sometimes I don't.  I try to always remember that my family is more important than my readers.  I try to take care of my family/church/home duties before I get online, but with dwindling naps it's getting harder.  it's something I have to work at everyday.

If you were a pair of shoes, what would you look like and why? A cute pair of bright colored flats.  I'm not too fancy, but I like to look good and make people happy.

What kind of fashion diva are you? Comfort before style or vise versa? Defiantly comfort before style, but why can't you have both?
Thanks again Missy. It was fun reading your answers. Now, hop on over and check out her site. It is full of inspiration and creative ideas. Plus, loads of tutorials!

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Carolina said...

..."with dwindling naps"... feels like the story of my recent life. : )

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