Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Key board

PLEASE READ: I just saw a post that said it needed to be moderated first. It said they were so glad to find my blog and were wondering if they could share my story!?! BUT, I can't find it now that I posted it and I don't know how to contact you. PLEASE PLEASE contact me again because I would LOVE to share my story of therapy in crafting.

I realize you are so interested in what I spend my time doing!?!   :) Well, lucky you because today I am telling about my morning. I spent it cleaning my keyboard!!!! And I would have to say what a huge difference it makes in the feel of typing. But let's not forgot about the aesthetic appeal. It looks brand new and I LUVS it!

So here is a dirty, nasty, slightly embarrassing before (I also used it at a map just in case the keys got mixed up after I laid them on the counter)

Here is what I did between:  I placed the keys in order as I took them off on at a time to make reassembling easier.

Here is the glorious after: Aahhhhhhh, so clean.

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