Saturday, September 4, 2010

I {heart} Bountiful Basket

If you have never heard of Bountiful Basket. Google it and find one in the area near you. Not all places offer it so cross your fingers.

Well, today hubby had to go to leave for work at 5:25am. His car was dead. We tried to jump it, didn't even make a sound. So, he had to take my car. Bad news, I purchased a basket and bread from Bountiful Basket and pick up was at 7:ooam so I couldn't really call anyone to give me a ride. urgh!

Well, about 7:20am I got a call from one of the volunteers. He asked me if I still wanted my basket. I told him I did, but my car was dead so I had no way to get there. And do you know what that nice man did? He drove my basket to my house. I was so grateful.

Thus, my love for Bountiful Basket has grown more (if that is possible).

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