Friday, October 15, 2010

Problem Solved

Well, I finally found the perfect trash can for our house. My friend has a double trash can. One side for recycling, one side for trash. I must admit, I coveted it until I finally realized I could have one of my own. So, I asked her where she got it. Come to find out, it was at a store near here called Home Goods! YIPPEE!

Except the one there had a HUGE dent in the side. Long story short, I waited 1/2 hour for them to finally bring another one out. Don't worry, I had my sisters with me and we browsed the goods. I took this sucker home and immediately saw a problem.

PROBLEM: How was I going to prevent people from putting trash into the recycle bin?

ANSWER: Vinyl + cricut machine = problem solved.

1 comment:

Karisa said...

I love seeing innovative uses for the Cricut! Great job :)

You should link up at FaveCrafts. We're hosting our first blog hop today, and I'd love to see your link there!

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