Monday, October 25, 2010

Scrubbing Grout

It has been a VERY busy day. Hubby helped me scrub grout in the kitchen. After living in this house for 1 year, the grout was grossing me out. I couldn't stand it any more. So, we got our weapons of choice.

Then we scrubbed with all our muscles. Look at the difference.

After a brake to let the floors dry, we put on a clear protective coat.

Putting this coat on was the hardest part because you can't leave it on the tile. The directions were very specific on what to do. So, we only did the kitchen and breakfast nook. Over half of our house is tile, so it will be done in sections. I'll let you know when we finally finish the entire house:) But for now, we can enjoy this section of the floor. Isn't it soooooooo clean!?!

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