Monday, November 8, 2010

Clarification on FG8

There have been a few questions about FG8. One day a week you can enjoy 1 food item from the bad foods and not loose points. You can choose the day. My family does it Monday nights for Family Home Evening (FHE).

On every Sunday, you do not have to exercise and you still get the points because everyone needs a day of rest. If you prefer, you can choose a different day, but you only get one day off.

The daily calendar has surprises where you get extra points. You can get the daily calendar information HERE. To make it easier on yourself during the holidays, I have made it so we can enjoy a few treats so no one feels deprived.

Remember, this is NOT about who looses the most weight. It is about healthy habits. Also, if you goal is to maintain your current weight, then where it says weight lose, if you maintain your weight then you can still get the points.

There are a few mistakes on the Rules document. We will be going Sunday to Sunday NOT Monday to Monday. Also, the program will run November 14th - January 8th.

I know you may be worried about the upcoming Holidays, but this program still allows you to enjoy treats. It just requires you to use moderation. I hope this clears up any questions, but if you still have questions, do hesitate to ask! Remember to get your money in. We will be starting in one week! YIPPEE!

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