Sunday, November 28, 2010

Learning to Crochet

Soooooo..... one of my things I have always wanted to do is learn to crochet. I finally bit the bullet and got a few crochet hooks and some yarn. I was looking around for some tutorials on you tube and there are TONS. I was on etsy and stumbled upon some AMAZING projects that have been crochet and it totally inspired me.  There are lots of things to make, but here a just a few that inspired me to want to learn to crochet.

Red Hat

Adorable doll

Baby Booties


Bear hat


To be totally honest, I loved this one mostly for the little person on the pic. ADORABLE!

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Amy Jami said...

Hey! I just found your blog (because of the crafts) and then read your story and (I'm sure you hear this a lot) I saw so much of myself in your story that I couldn't believe it! Thank you for posting! You have found a new fan and online friend!

ANYWHO, congrats on crochet! Yarn crafts have been one of my main coping mechanisms (sewing creates too big a mess in my little apartment). I started with knitting and then taught myself to crochet. It is SO gratifying! I know Etsy has some good patterns but I thought I'd pass on a tip for my FAV pattern site.! You do have to register but it's free and there is SO much on there! Good luck! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

~Amy Jami

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