Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Onesie to t-Shirt

I have this problem. My 2 1/2 year old is potty trained (that's not the problem). She insists on picking out her cloths. Fine, I don't care, BUT she LOVES her onesies because they are pink. Although, she will NOT and I mean NOT button up the onesies. Plus, I won't either because then getting her on the toilet fast enough would end up in a big mess.

We have a lot of onesies that she never wears that are really cute. Soooooo...... {enter crafty brain here} I turned her onesies into t-shirts:) Perfect solution. Especially because at Children's Place they have onesies that go all the way to size 5T (who puts a onesie on a 5 year old!?!?!) Needless to say they are always really cheap at the end of the year. So, stock up because I am going to teach you how to turn that onesie in to a t-shirt for your toddler.

Start the clock because this took me all of 5 minutes:)

So here is the glorious outfit she picked today. Every outfit HAS to have pink.

I just made a straight line across the front and back and marked it with chalk.

Cut straight across and cut right on the edge of the "bias tape".

Cut off the snaps.

With RST (Right sides together) sew the 2 ends of the bias tape together. Then sew bottom of the shirt to the bias tape.

Flip right side out and right in the trough of the seam you just made, top stitch. This will prevent the shirt bottom from flipping over.

Put the shirt back on the toddler.Worked like a charm. Now mommy and daughter are happy. Now if only I could teach her how to match:)


clean and crazy said...

excellent idea!! my onesies are all gone now

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic!!!! Thanks so much!!!

Hands Sew Full said...

What a great idea! My babies are big now but I have grandchildren!! This is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Where to buy onesies size 5?

Anonymous said...

I'm a father and I want to learn how to make my son's onesies into t-shirts. I have access to a sewing machine but what does 'Right sides together' mean?

Ashley said...

Right sides together means that the fabric that you want to face the outside of the garment (the "right" side) should be inside, facing each other.

candice said...

I was wanting to make all my onesies into t-shirts for my son, but I didn't want to lose any length in hemming them up - this worked perfectly! thanks!!

I linked to your tutorial:

aimee_elizabeth said...

This seemed like such a great idea, but I tried it and I can't figure out what to do with the gaping hole in the middle of the front and back where the two sides of the bias tape meet (like where you cut off the snaps). I don't know if I'm reading the directions correctly or not, but I think I've missed the part where you avoid the gap. can you help?

michelleml said...

thanks for sharing going to have to give this a try. I use cloth diaper and wool longies so i don't use onesies but this will work for me when i see a cute onesie i know i can make into a shirt


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