Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 Confessions of Christmas

#1 I have been fighting the urge to take Christmas decorations down this year. I just want things simple and easy and no clutter.

#2 It took us until one week ago to actually put the ornaments on our tree.

#3 The same day we did ornaments, we put up Christmas lights outside:)

#4 I am not known for my wrapping abilities. I rush through it and they are never perfect. I ALWAYS write the names directly on the paper with a sharpie and I NEVER use bows.

#5 I have been on a diet this Christmas and just FINALLY gave in to purchasing Peppermint Joe Joe's from Trader Joes and I got some Peppermint Joe Joe's ice cream to go with it

#6 I never send out Christmas cards because I don't want to spend the money on it. Besides, most people just throw it away anyways.

#7 I don't give out goodies because I don't want people to give them to me. (FYI: I usually throw them away after my kids pick something from it)

#8 I let me kids open a present last night because we were bored and they wouldn't leave the tree alone. It worked. They each opened a book and we spent the rest of the night reading.

#9 This will be my 1st Christmas with just my hubby and kids. No cousins, aunts, uncles, nanas and papas. Just us. Never done it before, but I am completely looking forward to it. Low key, low stress. Perfect:)

#10 (probably the worst so far) I hid a Christmas gift for hubby somewhere and have NO IDEA where I put it.

#11 Santa is coming 1 day early to our house. We even wrote Santa a letter to explain the situation. I a pretty sure when my son is older he will roll his eyes and say, "I totally fell for that."

#12 I am sick and tired of hearing the song, "Santa Baby" on the radio over and over and over and over and over and over again. It has been played waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to much. I don't like the song in the 1st place let alone hearing it every 15 minutes. I shut it off the moment it comes on now.

Okay, I am done telling you my Christmas confessions. Now it's your turn. Fess up!


Laci said...

1)I don't have any decorations outside :)
2) I don't eat many homemade goodies that are given to me because I am what my calls a "germaphobe"
3) I will finish shopping on Christmas Eve when I get paid
4) I let my husband and daughter decorate the tree this year and didn't rearrange a thing. This was a big accomplishment for me :)
5)I don't send cards for the same reason

Merry Christmas!!!

Pamela and Austin Matthews (and Family) said...

I just have to tell you, I totally agree with your number 1! My decorations are driving me CRAZY! It makes me feel like my house is a mess to have it all up! Especially in the kitchen- it seems messy but it is really just cluttered! I can't WAIT to put it away!

Michaelangelo said...

1- I love Christmas and all the fun things that are out in my house right now, I'll be sad to put it away next week.
2- I love trying to make Christmas magical for my kids and am completely stressed about making it perfect... I just need to let it go and have more fun.
3- I still haven't found the "perfect" gift for my hubby... not sure if that's going to happen.
4- The Christmas cards went out in the mail yesterday, and I've decided we'll do Summer cards from here on out :)
5- We like to make a Christmas movie with our kids and it's almost done, but we're not going to make it in time... so it'll have to be done after Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!

Shane and Kim said...

Thanks for the good laugh. We are elated. #12 is the only thing different. I haven't hardly turned the radio on so I haven't heard the song. But christmas's past I have done the same thing with other songs. My kids have even complained about Santa baby.

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