Thursday, December 30, 2010

T-shirt to Bib

Here are 2 variations on THIS post.  Part 1 will teach you how to make the neckline smaller. Part 2 will show you how to make it double layered. Don't do part 1 if you intend on making double layered.

If you are looking for part 2 scroll down a bit on this post and you will find it. 
If the neck line is too big, it is a simple fix. In this photo where the arrows are you can see how big it is on my daughter. It hangs too far on the shoulders. I have it pulled back in this photo, but it also hangs too low in the front.

Cut along the black line.

Cut off a little from the front (just about 1/2 inch)

Sew the shoulders together again.

 It should be a much better fit!

PART 2 (My sewing machine is getting a tune up so I only had my surger. You can do this with just a sewing machine)
This particular t-shirt was thin and I wanted to make it double layered.  If you want to make it double layered skip the above tutorial.
You will need fabric of any kind. I used cotton and it turned out fine.
Cut along the black line.

Cut the 2 pieces out from your chosen fabric. You should now have 4 pieces. Make sure to cut right UNDER the collar as shown in the picture below.

Zig zag or surge around the neckline of both pieces you just cut out.

 Sew along the straight edges leaving the neck and shoulders open. Do this for both pieces.

Flip right side out. At this point I would have pressed the seams out and topped stitched, but with no sewing machine, I couldn't.   I HIGHLY recommend you do this step.

 With right sides together, sew the shoulders together.

Leave the neckline open so it can stretch.

Put on your little person and step back to admire your handy work!

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Jane said...

Great idea! I don't have little kids anymore but always loved the big bibs that went over the toddler's head and this is a perfect way to re-use the many tees we collect!

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