Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mac and Cheese

I interrupt this regular program for this breaking news.

      "The 5 year old Canon point and shoot camera is very ill. It is nearing the end of it's life. Family members who are saving up for an Canon Rebel T1i are clinging to the last bit of life left in this little guy."

See, the button you push to take the photo popped off. As well as the lever to zoom in or out. Which means.......I can't zoom at all. FYI: I used my cell phone to take these pictures. Sorry they are a little blurry.

To take a picture I have to use a straight pin and push it into the little hole.

When finished the pin goes right here. To await its next use.

"I now return you to the regular program."

So my kids don't really love mac and cheese. Not a problem for me because I think it is so unhealthy. Plus, why make it if it will be a fight to get them to eat it!?! Well, I did find something that is our form of "mac and Cheese" that my kids gobble up and it's healthy so I feel like a good mom. FYI it is the easiest thing to make.

Just cook some whole wheat or whole grain elbow macaroni via the boxes directions.

Purchase this soup from Costco or find it or something like it at the grocery store. This soup is very tasty and low in cals. The regular is high in sodium (720 mg for 1 cup), so I recommend getting the low sodium version.
I don't even heat the soup because the pasta is hot from just being cooked. I just dump a little bit of this straight from the carton on to the noodles and serve it as is. The kids LOVE it.

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