Monday, February 21, 2011

Reward Charts

I decided to make some reward charts for my kiddos for positive reinforcement. It's nothing spectacular, just their favorite thing in life with squares to put stickers on.  I plan to laminate it so the stickers can be removed to start over again. The end reward is a ice cream date with mommy and daddy (no siblings come unless you want them to).

My son has a little problem with staying on task/ staying focused. We frequently have to tell him something multiple times before it soaks in. If we only have to ask once he gets a sticker. If he does it without us asking, he gets 2 stickers. If we have to ask more then once he gets a check mark. 5 check marks mean he has to take a sticker off.

My daughter has a blanket that she INSISTS on taking everywhere. She gets a sticker if she leaves the blanket home without getting upset.


The Matthews Family said...
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The Matthews Family said...

I had to trash my first comment because I realized I used your daughter's name! : D This is what I said earlier: Okay, love the idea. My kids have been HORRORS lately, so I think I am going to try it! So for [your daughter], is the blanket the only thing she is working on? Or are you giving stickers for other things?

The Matthews Family said...

Next question. Is there any way to get a copy of your princess reward chart? I know for a 100% fact that Makenna would LOVE her reward chart more with princesses on it!

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