Monday, March 14, 2011


Saturday my hubby was insistent that we go the the gym and exercise. I kept dragging my feet and saying, "I think we will be okay." He wouldn't let off. So, I finally caved and did a 1/4 mile run with him. Now, before you think I am lazy, I knew we would have a large delivery. That delivery was 4 tons of rock. Yep, 4 TONS! I am pretty sure he under estimated how much work would be involved in moving that rock. At 8 pm we were finally finished and hubby flopped onto the couch and said, "I am so glad you won't let us go to the gym today. I am exhausted." See, I was smarter then he realized. Here are some before, during, and after shots.

So, don't judge people. I seriously HATE yard work. I want as low maintenance yard as possible. So, Here is the un-weeded needs serious help before:
Notice the dead tree bushes!?! Yeah, there's four of them that were killed by frost a few weeks ago. That's $320 down the drain. I am not bitter at all, just bugged. We are putting ever greens in because they can withstand heat and frost. Much better bang for our buck.

Of course a huge pile of rock is any little boys dream. He had so much fun on it. He pretended to be on the moon. Can you see how high he can jump without gravity;) 

He jumped off of it multiple times.
He used it as a slide, Pay close attention to his face. I left it on so you could see how cool he thought it was.

He also pretended it has a huge mountain that he had to climb up. "It was very difficult mommy, but I made it!"
First we laid down Weed Block. Then hubby and I got to work shoveling the rock into a wheel barrow and dumping it all over. We smoothed out the rock and here it is in all its glory. Finished and ready for a few bushes and a drip system. I am soooooooo glad that is over. FYI: buying direct from a rock quarry is the way to go. $20 for 1 ton.

It was dark by the time we finished so we still have a few areas that need smoothed out.



 So, for exercise on Saturday I increased the value of home a little bit for under $100:) Hubby needs to fix some of the brick around the boarders, but that is for another day. Our next home improvement project will be a drip system and a few bushes.

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