Friday, April 1, 2011

Fixing My Organizing Mistake

Yep, it's true I accidentally pushed post before I had scheduled the post date. So, look for the "before" post about organizing for this to make sense.
So, I fixed the organizing mistake I made with my kid's toys. I just added some cute little pictures.
(the "small people" bin has a little baby on it)

I added some labels to the toy bins.

In retrospect I should have made the squares all the same size and then cut the vinyl, but I didn't think that far ahead. It still works;) I put the pictures on card stock then laminated them. Then I hot glued them onto the front of the bins.

Here are some close ups. 
The squirt gun holds all the weapons (light sabers, foam dart guns, lazer tag guns)
The cowboy boot is for all things boy!

For all things girly

Train tracks, cars, water toys, and tools

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