Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My family has seriously been plagued with sickness lately.

2 weeks ago we FINALLY got everyone over influenza. That was a 2 1/2 week ordeal with every member of my family coming down with it one at a time. Then, last week I had a miscarriage (I didn't even know I was pregnant and we are not even trying to get pregnant. Just a freak thing). This week my son has an ear infection and my daughter has been running a fever and coughing so hard she gags. It all started Sunday when we went to church my daughter was feeling fine, within 1/2 hour she was running a fever so I took her home. She slept all day. By the evening my son was running a fever and sobbing that his ears hurt.

I made a commitment to sing at a church function on Tuesday night, but my daughter was still running a fever! Hubby flew to Memphis so I didn't know what to do. My babysitter said she would still watch the kids, but I can't in good conscience leave my sick child with a sitter. So, I went to the meeting a little before I was suppose to sing, sang, then went immediately home. It was kind of stressful and I am glad it's over. BUT this is why I have fallen off blog land. I am just trying to survive all this sickness.


BJ said...

You've had a lot, and much more important stuff than blogging, to deal with lately. Hopefully soon everyone will be well.
I recall as a child having lots of earaches (today they are called infections). My mom would warm up towels in the oven and I would lay my ear on them. They felt so good.
Hope you don't come down with the bugs the kids have.

The Matthews Family said...

Oh Brenda! I'm so sorry about everything! Even though you weren't trying to get pregnant, I'm sure a miscarriage was hard! And I noticed you guys leaving early on Sunday-- I wondered what was going on! We had that dumb bug for seriously like a month straight, right after you guys got it the first time. It so stinks! Hope things get better! Call me if you need anything!

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