Thursday, April 21, 2011

Go Fish

I found a few free printables for Go Fish, but I didn't feel like it had enough cards and I didn't want to print off 4 of the same pictures. So, I made my own. I tried doing different fish, but I couldn't find enough free clipart. So instead I just used some clip art I have on my computer! I just printed it on card stock then used a solid color card stock for the back, then laminated it. Want to make one for your kids!?!

Download cards HERE and HERE
Download folder HERE!
 Once we are done, I just place them into this little pocket.
 I taped up the sides. Then hot glued some Velcro on the inside to keep it closed so pieces don't slide out.

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Kimberly said...

Love your games. Funny story we had the missionaries over for dinner last night. I pulled out my spices that I just keep in a storage bucket with a lid like your post with the baking stuff. I also pulled a wire basket out that I keep all the paper plates etc. in and they asked me if we were still unpacking. I laughed hard then explained how much easier it is to just grap a bin pull in down and look for spices rather then sort through the cupboard, which ends up in a huge mess. I also keep the breakfast stuff in a bigger container cause I hate carrying 9 things to the table so everyone can decided which ceral or oatmeal they want. One container has it all. Your front door and yard look amazing. Keep the fun post coming. I love seeing what you've been up to.

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