Saturday, April 2, 2011

Organizing the Kitchen

Well, remember THIS post when I was organizing my kitchen? I had one cupboard I was at a lost with how to organize it. So, I said I was going to finish it later. Here is the before again.

Guess what, hubby took over and just did what he thought would work best and it has been a week and it still looks like this! The 3 tiered shelf was made by hubby. He measured out what would fit best in our cupboard and the height of the spice bottles. Then cut 3 long boards and 2 smaller side boards. He glued and nailed one side then slid it in and finished the last side inside the cupboard because it wouldn't have fit otherwise. It took him about 15-20 minutes total. And was completely worth it!

The top shelf still needs some work, but it has greatly improved. Tallest to smallest. Labels (little round stickers he found at the $1 store) on the lids of the jars so we know what it is. Even labels on the sides of jars on second shelf so we know what is back there;)


JamieS said...

Looks great! I love that sideways storage rack. Where did it come from? I need one!

A Mom's Choice said...

Where did you find those shelves? Looks great I'm doing my reorganizing drawer by drawer. I used cardboard cover with contact paper to divide my large spoons, spatulas, measuring cups etc. It helps a lot instead of looking like a 2 year old played in the drawer.

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