Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I forgot to tell you about the photography class at Everyday Elements. I took 2 weeks ago. It is for beginners. I highly recommend it because it was very well done. You do a video class online where you can ask her anything. She gives you handouts and it really helped me get a grasp on everything! If you decide to take it, I recommend you read your owners manual first and learn how to change the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. Then the class will be very informational for you. That way you can learn what they mean and how to use them instead of trying to figure out how to use your camera! She also has classes on how to use adobe photoshop:)

I have been on a rampage cleaning my house. 2 days ago, I brought in some help. I had 2 cleaning ladies who helped me scrub EVERYTHING (walls, blinds, baseboards, tile, grout, every nook and cranny you can think of). It was a busy day yesterday, BUT my house looks DIVINE!  Because the kids were so awesome while we cleaned, I spent the rest of the day testing out all the new games I have made for them. It was a huge hit! I found a lego star wars bingo HERE that my son went crazy for!

So, in a nut shell I have been really busy cleaning and being a mom! Cheers! Hope you have a great Easter weekend! Yesterday we colored Easter eggs. Today we are doing an Easter Egg Hunt, then having a Lego Birthday party for my son. Busy, busy, busy!

Happy Easter or Passover.

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The Matthews Family said...

Do you have cleaning ladies you would recommend? Is it very expensive? We are moving in a couple of weeks, and that might be an easier way to get the house ready for the move!

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