Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Dairy

So my little man was allergy tested and low and behold he has an allergy to milk. We had already thought so, but it was confirmed. Poor little dude has to give up all his favorite things, milk, cheese, string cheese, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese. I feel bad because he cried when he found out he couldn't earn any more ice cream dates to DQ. So call me crazy, but I felt like he should have one last hurrah before he went cold turkey. So we got some ice cream and guzzled it down together! He was so grateful. I am going off ice cream and cheese for my little man to make it easier on him. I will still drink milk and eat yogurt because I still need calcium.

Next order of business, for all those living in the Phoenix area, Bass Pro Shop has an AMAZING special right now. 3 day 2 night stay in a sweet by lake Pleasant for only $99! There is a pool with a lazy river and a great water slide. Plus, lots more activities. Just for getting the deal they give you a $25 gift card. Then you can get another $100 gift card for going to a conference for 1 hour about time shares. Child care provided. BAM! Trip paid for. No hidden fees or strings attached. I thought it was a great and cheap vacation and wanted to share. 

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BJ said...

Food allergies are not fun to deal with. Our oldest had a LOT of them. As for the calcium - check out the orange juices at your grocery. I get one that has as much calcium in it as there is in milk. There are also soy, almond and other dairy alternatives. It is so much better these days for those with allergies than when my kids were young. Still not fun, but there are some great alternatives now.

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