Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting Organized Day 3

I have a very special friend for you today! Put your hands together for the one and only Jackie!!!!!!

Hello all!
Jackie here, from House of Sarager.

One thing that has REALLY helped me get organized is a
Since I took this picture I have added a induction on the 15th (YAY), an oil change, and a service project.
Also, my paper chain is MUCH shorter.

I picked up a white board calendar and a pack of colorful magnetic markers.

(My calendar has a cork board attached which I LOVE.
The makers are fine tip which helps a ton!)

Each category gets a color of marker:
Child  One
Child Two
Child Three
Family (things that include all of us)
Mom+Dad (dates, appointments, etc)
Events (birthdays, holidays)

The "notes" section is also a great place to write things down
when you are on the phone and need a pen ASAP.

The other thing that helps me is a hanging pocket organizer.
(I hide mine of the back of the pantry door.)

--That's not me. But I DO wear classy shoes like that ALL the time. Very practical.--

I use this to keep track of all the lose papers that used to clutter my counter.
(Although Brenda's file folder/binder is a GREAT alternative.)

Some of my pockets include: 
each of the people in our family, coupons, things to file, things to shred,
things to temporarily keep (receipts of things I'm not sure about yet)

Hope it helps--or inspires you to improve on these ideas.
I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks Jackie for helping out!
Hey guys, I am popping in for a quick second to show you my freezer! I saw this idea at Iheart Organizing. I LOVED it. It took a total of about 10 minutes to pull everything out and toss what I was scared of and organize the rest. I have a problem with stuffing my freezer so full that I forget what's in it, wasting money and products. While organizing it I thought, "Gross! How long has that been in here?" The printable from yesterday would eliminate that completely:)

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
Apparently, we like frozen vegetables because I needed 2 bins for them and only 1 for fruit. Eventually I want to have 1 bin for vegetables, fruit, and Misc. (pot stickers, pop-cycles, ice cream, etc).

With the bins, I can actually see what is on the bottom now! Which is where I put of the meat.

Thanks again to Jackie!

If you are new to the "Getting Organized Week" here are the links for the previous days!


Jackie said...

How exciting to be featured! Thanks for the GREAT opportunity Brenda! Love ya!

Jackie said...

How exciting to be featured! Thanks for the GREAT opportunity Brenda! Love ya!

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