Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shirt Refashion #3

Another shirt made over. This one was inspired by THIS Ann Taylor shirt (the website won't let me take the picture so you will have to go there to see it). It cost $39.99. I saved myself $35!

I used some left over white fabric from another project so I counted the cost of the shirt, $5. Remember THIS post? I told you about the stellar find I had at Wal-mart.

The white shirt was a little see through..... not my style. So I decided to add ruffles. It took me about 40 minutes from start to finish (that's including time to stop and take pictures). I LOVE how it turned out.

Let's get started. I cut 8 ruffles that were 2 inches wide by the length of fabric.
***Cut the direction that has the most stretch***

1. Gradually round of corner. I am not sure what it's called, but here is what it looks like.

2. I tried a few things here to see what worked best. Surging didn't work at all, although it did make the edges look better. I found that a zigzag stitch worked the best. As you zig zag along the top, stretch the fabric by pulling it tight. It worked best for me if I pulled the fabric and pressed down with my finger right in front of the pressure foot. ONLY do this on the side with the curve. Finish the straight edge off with a surger stitch or zig zag.

3. It should give a gentle ruffle to the fabric.

4. Working from the outside in, pin the first ruffle on. (not pictured but very important) I recommend trying the shirt on at this point to make sure you are starting the ruffles where you want them at. Plus, I found I needed a lot more give in the ruffle because I was sewing onto a knit shirt that stretched when I put it on. I pinned then sewed one layer at a time.

5. Start sewing at the bottom so you can make sure it is even. This will help you avoid this. Not good.

6. At the shoulder, round the corner and finish off like you did in step three. I didn't do this until I had the strip pinned on because I wanted to make sure the length was perfect.

7. Continue doing this until you have 3 ruffles on left and 3 ruffles on right. The last 2 ruffles I found didn't lay very good if I followed the neck line. I cut 2 shorter piece and started at the shoulder. I folded it over the neck line to make it look more finished.

8. Stop just right under the middle of the front, angle down and secure in place. It made the collar ruffle, but when I put it on I loved how it looked.

9. For the center 2 ruffles overlap the centers as you pin. Working your way towards the collar.

10. At the collar, fold over the top. Make sure it covers the strips coming down from the shoulder.

Admire your Ann Taylor knock off! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

I was never much good at sewing and don't have a machine. This looks very nice though.

MaryNSC said...

WELL U done super!!!!LOVE IT!!

Jackie said...

I love the ruffles! What a great idea. Thanks for linking up.

Misty @Creative Itch said...

Great job with the shirt refashion!! Thanks for linking @'Sew Cute Tuesday'!

ShannonSews said...

Gorgeous! I love a great refashion...and anything with ruffles. Turned out lovely!

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