Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shirt Refashion #2

I finished another t-shirt. I used THIS pattern. ***Just print out pages 11 and 12*** Then I followed the instructions found HERE on grosgrain. For ruffle cut a strip of fabric that's 6 X 36

1. Cut down the dotted line of the Ruffle Line Template. I cut a U shape in the template so you could see how it should match up along your seam.

2. With a disappearing marker, tailor's chalk or very light pen, draw a line through the dotted lines from the Ruffle Line Template onto the right side (outside) of your fabric.

3.  Gather. If you don't know how to gather your fabric then read on....Stitch 1/4" down from the long edge of the rectangle. When doing this set your sewing machine to the loosest, longest straight stitch. Backstitch at beginning but NOT at the end.

At the end of the stitch, take one of the strings and push down the fabric making a ruffle. Do this until the ruffle is 21" long. Tie ends of thread.


4.  Pin ruffle onto front right side of bodice from A to B. Pin the ruffle so that it lies above the A-B line. (see left image for reference) Stitch to bodice from A to B. Fold down to hide stitching.

5. Okay, now here's the tricky part. When pinning the ruffle from B to C you must twist it a little so that the ruffle lies above the line. Stitch to bodice from B to C. Fold down to hide stitching. Repeat until at point E.

BUT, I did the top a little different sense I was adding it to a shirt already made. I sewed the top the same way I did the bottom ruffles.

Pin remaining ruffle from point E to point F making sure the ruffle lies above the bottom of the collar of the shirt.

Here is the before: I thought I had one with the black shirt, but all I have is the orange shirt. They are the same style just different colors.

Here is the after!

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Yolanda @ Miss Refashionista said...

Cool!! I'll be sharing on my blog today!!

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