Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dairy Free Ice Cream

My son has an allergy to dairy. My sister posted THIS about making ice cream in a bag. I remember doing this with her as a kid. Such fun! Well, I wanted to get my kids on the fun so I scourered the web for a dairy free ice cream recipe. There are a lot out there. You can make any of them without an ice cream machine too! Which was also a requirement, but I realized if the recipe is large, cut it down and make in a big Ziploc bag instead. BAM! Dairy free ice cream without an ice cream maker.

I used THIS recipe with these instructions from a comment left by Trinka

"Any container that is freezer safe will do. Simply pour and freeze as usual. Do not mix or you will get ice crystals. I've even made this in a freezer Ziploc type of bag so I could cut the corner and "soft -serve" right into the comes or bowls. To do this, take a 2 gallon zip loc bag and add ice cubes( 2 trays worth) and rock salt. In another 1 gallon bag, pour the blended mix. Zip it shut and place the mix bag into the 2 gallon bag with salt and ice. Zip shut but leave about 1 inch open for air to move freely. Knead and squish bags until you have soft-serve style ice cream ( yes, the kids can do this too!) Unzip ice and salt bag, pull out ice cream bag and dry with a towel. Cut the corner and squeeze into cones or bowls!"

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