Monday, July 4, 2011

Finding Joy

I wanted to show you these 4th of July decorations I finished 2 days before the holiday;)  I framed the printable I made HERE.

I whipped up these from a Pick Your Plum deal. They sent me the wood and star and I painted them and added the hemp. Lurv it!

I just wanted to wish you a happy 4th of JULY! May your day be filled with good company, good food, and fireworks. God Bless the USA! I find joy in the simple things in life. For instance, I love watching fireworks. even better is watching my kids watch fireworks. Priceless.

There is joy in receiving a package from Pick Your Plum because there is always a piece of candy for my little ones to share:) Our 4th of July package had a tasty laffy taffy;)

Reading a good book. Recently, I have been reading this one and LOVE it! So interesting. It's not about depression. It's about sugar sensitivity and how it can cause a multitude of problems, but also affects addictions (drug, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, work, etc).

My water bottle because I take it everywhere and always have a drink when I want one. I usually use Polar Bottle, but when I am in the car, camel back is best because then I can drink without tripping my head back, taking eyes off road, and the water bottle hitting the roof of the car.

I was at The Container Store and found the most glorious thing. Bags made out of old tires! It made me squeal with delight! I had to share because they are wonderful!

I only had my crappy camera phone, but look at how cool they are.

There was also these ones that were a little more like pots with handles.

  is my new favorite. It's a place to trade crafty goodness. I have gotten pictures, hair accessories, cards, and jewelry. I have been using up stashes of craft supplies to get my 'whoops' to trade;)
And those are a few things that have brought me pleasure today.

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Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Great finds! I'm off to check out the book. I've been giving food a lot of thought lately. I'm willing to try this 7-step program out on my family. ☺

Happy 4th! ☺

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