Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids Closet Organizing

I wanted to show you how I organized the kid's closet. Any one with kids knows how quickly they are growing in and out of clothing. It's hard to keep up with it sometimes. Plus, you have summer and winter cloths. I was trying to use a plastic drawer to hold the seasonal clothing that still fit them, but it broke and the drawers would no longer close.

I would put out grown clothing in the Huggies box until I was able to get it put away for long term storage. I also had a bag full of clothing of the sizes they will wear next. It just wasn't working.

I found this at Ikea. The drawers have the seasonal clothing that still fits. It's 115 degrees here today so there is no use for pants and long sleeve shirts:) I put their jackets and warmer pj's on the top. The 2 smaller drawers have socks.

For clothing that they have out grown, but I haven't put in long term storage, I put in the bottom grey bin. The top grey bin holds the next size up clothing. I even had room underneath to store a basket full of my daughter's dress up cloths.

Now the closet is split in half. My daughter's clothing on one side and my son's clothing on the other. This system works much better for our needs.

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The Matthews Family said...

Great idea! I swear each and every time I wash my kids' clothes, I find new things that they have outgrown! I actually just started keeping a Tupperware box by my washing machine to put them in!I wash them, dry them, and put them in the box!

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