Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shirt Refashion #5

Hey all! I am guest blogging over at Pocket Full of Pink today! So go check it out! And I just did and 1/2 of my guest post is missing:( so bad news. Oh well.

BUT we all know the real reason you checkout the post today.....yeah the shirt refashion. Are you having as much fun as I am with it!?! This one is completely NO SEW!

Well this one is fabulous. It's kind of a mix of a shirt I saw at DownEast. I love the rosettes around the collar.
Anthropology.  I love the sheer and thickness of it. I also like the way it goes around the entire neckline.

It's kind of a mix of 2 shirts. One from DownEast and one from Anthropology. I call it the Downology shirt:) I know, I know, a clever play on words.

It's the blue one from this style of shirt. (only the green one left to refashion. The pink was WAAAAAYYYYY too see through so it got returned.)

Here is the low down. I found this pre-made at Joann's. They had lots of colors to choose from. I just bought 3/4 yard and I had left overs.

Using the Iron Stitch again.

Starting at the shoulder, add a drop of liquid stitch and iron onto place. Continue all the way around the entire neck.

When you get to the other shoulder, just curve around for a second row around the neck.

When you finish the 2 rows, then add a 3rd row centered in the middle. I started lower on the shirt.

Step back and admire your work.

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