Friday, July 29, 2011

Telling Time

My son has been working on telling time. So, I decided to make him a clock to work with. I just revamped an old clock we had in our home that wasn't being used. If you were feeling really crafty, you could make a totally new face for it, but I just wanted easy.

I dismantlement the clock so it was down to the bare bones. I only wanted the face and the hands. I Removed the cover, the battery pack, and the seconds ticker (not sure what it's really called) My face was glued onto this plastic thing which ended up being good because it gives it more durability. I reattached the hands with a brad.

Here is the front of my son's new clock that will teach him how to tell time.

If you are NOT using an old clock, I made this printable. My daughter said she wanted a rainbow. So here you go. Print out on heavy card stock and laminate the face of the clock. For the hands, print on heavy card stock and line with cardboard to make stiff. Drill holes through the cardboard. Using a brad, attach hands to the clock.

You can download your own clock HERE.

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