Monday, August 22, 2011

Angry Birds

We were at K-mart and my son found some angry birds softies. He wanted them so badly, but I was not willing to fork out $10-16 (depending on size) for them. So, then I thought that I would just make some. I was very excited and came home and started making patterns for it and then I thought, "Self, maybe someone has already made a pattern." And there was:) Using THESE patterns I made a few angry birds for my son!

They are not perfect, but he doesn't care. I did it a little different then the tutorial. I cut out the facial features and sewed them on directly like an applique. I don't have a free motion foot so this was the best option for me. My thoughts on the pattern: the beak, tail and head feathers were really small so they were extremely hard to turn right side out. BUT the directions are easy to follow and it took me about 20 minutes to complete one bird. The red bird pattern doesn't have you put on black tail feathers, but my son immediately noticed. I just added some 'feathers'  made of felt the same way I sewed the beak on.

Next up is a cardboard 'blocks' for him to create the scene to throw birds at. You could use wooden blocks if you have them, but I was really leery about using wooden blocks when he would be throwing things at them. I didn't want the blocks to go flying and hit someone or something.


Kimberly said...

Cute!!! I better not let my kids see those or I'll be busy this week.

Melissa Bell said...

Love your Angry Birds Brenda! Christina had texted me a pic but I can see them so much better here. They turned out great! I don't sew so I'm actually in the process of crocheting them. Going to take me a bit more time than 20 min per bird. :) Love reading your blog!

-Melissa (aka Christina's Sister)

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