Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gumball Machine

My daughter has this shirt that she completely loves. I thought it was really cute too. Unfortunately, it is starting to wear out. So, I got to work to make her a new one:) I cut it out of t-shirt vinyl, added a few buttons and she couldn't be happier!

Here is the original shirt. I got it at a garage sell. She has worn it out and stained it. 

Here is a simple purple shirt from walmart that I refashioned to look like her favorite gumball shirt:)

NOTE: These are for personal use only. You can NOT sell any items made from this file or any modification of this file. You can NOT sell these files or any modifications of these files. Please respect the time and effort that went into these.

Here are the links for the gumball machine

Here are the links for the extra gumballs.
SVG file
JPEG file

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