Monday, September 12, 2011

Make and Mingle

My sisters and momma are planning on coming to visit me in October. As usual, they want to make crafts with me. Last year I spent most of my time on the computer getting the everything ready to cut vinyl for them. This year is over the top crazy for me right now, and I am loving every minute of it. I always enjoy crafting for other people when they are paying for it because I get to do what I love without breaking the bank:) The plan is to get everything ready for them to paint and apply vinyl. That way we can spend much more time hanging out together. Here is a line up of our up coming crafts! I even have a few surprises for them that I whipped up. BUT sense they read this blog I won't tell you what it is until they come to visit.

My sisters and momma are making this. It's reversible.

 I decided I wanted to make this frankenstein instead. Mine will be reversible too!
 This is what will be on the opposite side of mine.

 This little guy is going on spare tile from my floors.

 We are going to put this one in a floating glass red frame
 This one we are putting on a piece of metal instead of wood and I have frosted vinyl. It should be very cute! I hand drew the pattern and scanned it in and turned the file into an SVG file.

 This one is double sided, but they haven't told me what they want on the other side yet. I am thinking something Easter.
I fell in love with this advent calendar. It is super-d-duper cute.
So, I have it all laid out, I just need to finish cutting the vinyl. It is a slow process because my cricut isn't really fast and I have to cut out 5 of each thing. So there you go. That is what I am up to. Next I will be sanding and maybe priming a few things. Oh the things we do for those we love:)


The Matthews Family said...

Oh man! I want to come! : )

Melissa Bell said...

Can I become an adopted sister!? Sounds like the perfect vacation to me!

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