Monday, October 10, 2011

Angry Bird Costume

I tried to talk my son into being a skeleton for Halloween. I have wanted to be a family of skeletons for a year. Anyway, my daughter was all for it, but my son refused. So, I changed my direction.

My son is obsessed with angry birds. This was a lot easier to do then I originally thought. It turned out awesome and I am soooooooo excited! And to be honest I was not loving the angry bird costumes for sale. They just look uncomfortable and weird.

First gather your supplies. I got plain colored t-shirts in the color of the birds we wanted to be. I got 2 sizes bigger then we normally wear so we could stuff them a little. It is too hot here to put a lot of stuffing so if you want it bigger, go bigger:)  Hubby is red, son is black, mommy is yellow, daughter is pink pig (there is no pink pig, but she just wanted punk.  Plus I put a crow on her to be the 'queen' pig so just pretend she is in green).

You can use freezer paper and make a stencil and paint it on, use t-shirt vinyl, or use felt and sew the face on. I just hand drew the faces. I have included my drawings. I cleaned them up in Photoshop! If you would like to use them just click on the links below.

Black Angry Bird (black tail feathers)
Yellow Angry Bird (black tail and head feathers)
King Pig (I put on a squiggly pig tail)

I bought hubbies shirt at Wal-mart and it already had the angry bird face on it. So that is why there is no red angry bird pattern:)
Red Angry Bird (red head feathers, black tail feathers)

Cut out the faces you want and put on the front of your shirt. I made stencils from freezer paper and painted them on.

Make a casing at the very bottom of the shirt. I opened a little part of the hem and threaded elastic through it. Then sewed the opening closed again. This is to keep the stuffing from falling out:)

Make the tail feathers. I drew a pattern first then cut 2 pieces out of felt. I didn't include the hand drawn patterns for the tail or head feathers.

Sewed the 2 pieces together. Then flip them right side out and stuff. I used grocery bags.

Sew the tail feathers to the back of the shirt.

For the pig tail, I sewed a piece of bias tape together. Then I threaded a piece of pipe cleaner down it.

I sewed the tail on and then shaped it  into a little squiggly pig tail!

For the head feathers, I used head bands and hot glued the felt feathers onto it. I used the same concept to make the head feathers as the tail feathers, but I didn't stuff the head feathers.

For the pig crown, I used puff paint and put 3 blue dots and 3 white dots.

For the pig ears I painted the inside a lighter pink with puff paint.

For the bomb bird, I painted the top half yellow.

Here is our family of angry birds! I think our costumes are AWESOME and I like them WAY better then the store bought ones.


OhioMomPatriot said...

Adorable! I love the little crown. Thanks for sharing!

Our Family said...

Super cute Brenda. And by the way you are looking great.

Vintage-Sunflower said...

Cute!! Thanks for sharing! I'm proud to be Finnish -the land of Nokia & Angry Birds ;D

Kathleen Taylor said...

adorable! thanks for sharing. I linked on my facebook page.

Stellar Mother said...

My son, too, is an Angry Birds Fan! But we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia like ya'll do in America...
Thanks for making me smile with this great idea - I love it!

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - you were featured today!

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