Monday, October 3, 2011

Problem Solved

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My neighbor was lamenting to me that her daughter always looses her cute hair accessories at school. The problem, the clips never stay in her hair. My sisters have mentioned the same thing to me in the past. Their solution was to put a clear rubber band at the end of the clip to keep it closed. So, my neighbor said she no longer put them in her hair. She always tells me how cute my little woman's hair is with the cute flowers or bows. So, I got to thinking about a way to solve that problem. EASY!

So I made some flowers, BUT instead of putting them on a clip, I sewed a piece of ribbon onto the back.
Next I got a rubber band and tied the flower onto the rubber band. Make sure to use a bowline knot so the ribbon will not come undone. You can watch a tutorial HERE. Knot it really tight. Then trim off the ends and fray check the end of the ribbon.

Here are a matching pair for pig-tales I made for my daughter.

Here is my daughter's usual attire. There is always play jewelry, wands, and tutus involved. I think she might be a "fancy Nancy". I have officially stopped trying to get her to wear something else to the store because it just isn't worth it. ANNNNNNDDDDD I think she looks really cute:)

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