Monday, November 21, 2011

Counting Down to Christmas

This year I am starting the count down to Christmas early and with a BANG!!!! The idea is for you to have time to get these ready in time to enjoy them for the Christmas Holiday:) For a limited time only (until Dec. 05, 2011) I am offering the following for free download to all my followers! So get it while you can!

11 X 14 Christmas Advent Calendar (no longer available for free)
I printed this out at Costco and hung it on my refrigerator and used a magnet to mark the day.

Christmas Plates (no longer available for free)
(these are all scrunched together but I wanted you to see what the files look like:)

Just print (if you have a lazer printer you can do this at home, BUT if you have an ink jet print out at costco, wal-mart etc) cut circle the size to fit plates and mod podge onto red salad plates from Target

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