Monday, December 5, 2011

African Safari

Welcome to the first of the Magical Day of Make-believe series, where play time is fun for everyone. Let's go on an African Safari. Have an adult or older sibling who can read be the tour guide. (download HERE).
Every great explorer needs his gear. A must have are binoculars.

Most importantly, we need animals! (download HERE).
Cut out the animals. If you want to re-use them laminate the pictures. Hang the pictures of the animals at the kid's eye level. This is a great activity for a park (if weather won't permit, just do it around the house). For older children, make them harder to find. Have the children search with their 'binoculars' to find an animal. Once an animal is spotted, as a tour guide it is your responsibility to tell a little bit about the animal;)

After all the animals have been found, gather round the campfire for snacks of animal cookies and milk.

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