Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pots and Pans

So, I have stainless steal pots and pans. After burning a gourmet meal (see HERE) I was left with this mess. That gunk will NOT come off.
 So I googled myself some help. The consensus was vinegar and baking soda. I let it sit for about 1 day.
Here it is looking a little better, but not the results I wanted or was told to expect.
Any ideas? We are in the process of soaking it in vinegar and baking soda again. Brillo pads didn't work and they just scratched the pan so that was a no go. I am sick of it sitting on my counter or sink.


Kimberly said...

Have you tried putting water in the pot and boiling it for 10 minutes. Dump out the water then use a spatuala and scrap some of the food off. The spatuala helps not burn your hands. Then once it's cooled use a nylon scrubber to get more food off. The nylon ones don't scratch pans.

Angie said...

1) set pot in sink
2) pour in dish washer detergent to cover stain
3) add 1 in boiling water
4) soak overnight
5) wash away stain in morning

Michele said...

I have stainless steel pans too...my pans look perfect and brand new after lots and lots of cooking...i used to spend a lot of money on cleaners until I discovered magic erasers....that is all you need my friend....i sometimes soak in plain or soapy water ...and that is it

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