Friday, January 20, 2012

The Rare Privilege

My mother in law sent me this book

Hillary Weeks has a great sense of humor, but in one of the more serious moments of her book, this caught my attention and I HAD to share it with you.

"I will spend eternity knowing [my child] as an adult. But tonight, right here, right now, and for the next few precious years, I have the rare privilege of knowing her as a child...For a brief moment during the journey of mortality, we get to watch them laugh, learn, experience, grow."

So, that is what we will be doing this blogging sister is joining me at my home for one glorious week. Cousin sleep overs, making memories, laughing, giggling, swimming, site seeing, and just being a family. So please excuse us for a while as we enjoy "the rare privilege of knowing [them] as child[ren]."

1 comment:

The Matthews Family said...

That's awesome! I always need those reminders! (Also, we woke up this morning to SNOW and you are swimming!)

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