Thursday, March 15, 2012

You are special

Hubby took my on a date last weekend. We ate dinner then went to a place called As You Wish

I had so much fun. It was hard decided what to paint, but in a stroke of genius I remembered something my husband did growing up. His family had a dinner plate that said "You are special". You got to eat off the plate when it was your birthday, when football team you played on took state, had a hard test and you Aced it, got straight A's, rocked a piano recital, what ever! All of my in laws LOVE that plate. It was a big deal at their house and I decided to make our family a "You are special" plate.

Hubby made a small square vase to remember our time in AZ 2005-2012. Here is a view of the front

Here is the back.


Sherry said...

I love the "You are Special" plate and I love how you have plans of using it! Hubby's vase looks nice too. :)

Nicole said...

I TOTALLY love the "you are special" plate!! That is such a great idea - I will have to go to Color Me Mine in Provo and copy :) Thank you for the great idea!

Nichole said...

that plate is so special! great idea...i love all the colors, too!

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