Monday, April 30, 2012


These next 2 projects took me about 2 months to finish, literally. I would do a little when ever I felt up to it, which wasn't very often.

I made an adorable nursing cover for myself. Red is my favorite color. I have had this fabric sitting in my fabric stash for a very long time just waiting for this very thing;) You can find the tutorial HERE.

My friend has told me how wonderful the gauze blankets are. So I thought I would try one. I just cut a big square out, I think 40X40 and hemmed the edges.

So, when I had my daughter I wanted this AMAZING Rowdy diaper bag (they have sense gone out of business). RED, seriously, can't get any better. Well I got my wish for a birthday present, but the zipper broke. When I told hubby I was pregnant, he immediately took the bag to a shoe repair store. He had them fix the zipper and surprised me with my fixed bag! I am still just as in love with this bag as the day I first laid eyes on it.

All neutral because I don't know what I am having yet. Is it a boy or girl? I am not sure. I had morning sickness with my daughter but not my son  so maybe a girl!?! I really don't know.

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Anesha said...

Lovely cover and great bag. Congratulations.

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